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Do I have to have a professional photographer to take pictures on your farm? No. If you have a friend with a camera or cell phone taking pictures of you please come out and visit. The same fees still apply. Do you sell your lavender? Yes, we do. $6 per bundle. While supplies last. Please request a dried bundle two weeks in advance. What variety of lavender do you grow? We grow Grosso, Royal Velvet, and Folgate. Lavandula Intermedia: This variety produces 10 times more than any other variety. Grosso: is a very hardy, all-purpose plant with long stems that are excellent for dried bouquets and potpourris. Because Grosso is such a high-yielding plant, it has become the most widely used lavender variety for oil production in the world. Lavandula Angustifolia: the most recommended and valued of lavenders Folgate: This English lavender is one of the best oil producers and is considered the best for producing high-yield crops for culinary uses. Royal Velvet: one of the best Lavandula Angustifolia. An all-purpose plant that has deep purple flowers and is highly aromatic. It's a great oil producer and excellent for culinary uses. Royal Velvet is one of the best-selling lavender plants.

Do you offer U-pick lavender? No, not at this time. It is a future plan after our lavender plants have matured. Can I bring in photo props? Yes, please. We've had photographers bring in hot cocoa trailers, couches, bubble machines, snow machines, etc. Do I have to pay in advance to book my session? No. You don't have to pay until the day you arrive. Can I cancel at any time? Yes, there is no fee to cancel. Can I bring my fur baby? Yes! We welcome your four-legged family members. Please clean up after them and don't allow them to crush the flower beds. Can I purchase some flowers to use in my photoshoot? Yes. The best time to cut flowers is in the early AM when its cool outside. The flowers all depend on the time of the season. You're welcome to request a specific flower but I can't guarantee anything. Sun/Light exposure We have excellent southern exposure. We get excellent sunrise and sunset views. Golden hour is perfect here. Do you have powerlines on your property? Yes. We have one tower out in the field.

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