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Meet the creator

Greetings! My name is Allison and my curiosity knows no bounds. If you have visited my Instagram page, you can see I'm a creator. My mother and grandmother both loved art and gardening. My first memories of art was watching my mum draw old Victorian houses. She is the root of my obsession with art, gardening, and antiques. Born and raised in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, I spent my childhood running around the woods being wild and free. However, I've lived all over the west coast including Arizona. I always found my way back to the PNW where I feel at home. By day I work in healthcare but my passion is being outside. All my life I struggled to find "myself." I've moved well over 20 times and I never stayed anywhere long enough to grow roots. Now that I have a family of my own it's important to me that I create a safe place for my girls to call home. My husband and I have two girls, two cats, and a big bowl of tropical fish. We purchased the farm in 2020. I must admit it's not my dream home but I fell in love with property because it has so much potential. It has a beautiful old barn for my husband's woodworking. We remodeled the old shed into my art studio and there is ample room for me to garden. Being out in the country, I hope my girls find the joy of running around wild and free like I did. Heck, I think I'm channeling my inner child here too. This property gives me a sense of purpose, peace, and most of all a place to call home. I'm excited to share my adventure of creating the first Snohomish Lavender Farm with my community. I hope you all join my in this journey.

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